Has any one seen a Guru lately?  Clinton Middle School has!  Ingrid Adade, LCU’s Financial Education Officer, visited Ms. Brenda DiSessa’s 6th Grade Math class each Monday during the school year where the children were taught about money and life lessons through “Money Island” an interactive online game.   Money Island teaches kids to become "financial gurus" through this fun-filled online world.  Students compete with one another through various stages, keeping the game exciting and challenging.

Ms. DiSessa stated, “My class looked forward to Mondays when Ingrid would come in.  Attendance was always high on those days. The students really took to the Money Island game and had fun while learning some valuable life-long lessons. One of my students was able to save $3 million dollars! Ingrid is an amazing teacher and the kids really liked her.”

“Money Island is a game that educates in all the standards; economics, math, reading and decision making,” commented Ingrid Adade. “As we all know how important it is for students to develop good financial skills, and what they learn while playing Money Island is a tool for their future success. I enjoyed teaching Ms. DiSessa’s class, the student “Guru’s” were wonderful.”

Clinton Middle School
Far Left Top – Ms. DiSessa; Far Right Top – Ingrid Adade, LCU Financial Education Officer and The Clinton Middle School Guru’s