Leominster Credit Union is hosting free first time homebuyers’ seminars each Wednesday from April 25 through May 23. The seminars will be held in Clinton, Holden, Worcester, and Leominster. Seminar details and registration can be found at Leominstercu.com/home-seminars/

A team of real estate experts including a realtor, attorney and financing professionals will present the program. Topics will include: Are you ready to buy a home; Finding Your Dream Home; Obtaining Financing; and the Closing Process. Attendees will learn about the costs associated with homeownership; how your credit affects your options; making an offer and negotiating the price; the inspection process; and closing.

“The process of buying your first home can be daunting.  Making the right choices can help set you up for the rest of your life,” said Lydia Vazquez, Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Lending. “The seminars will help break down the entire process.  Our goal is to enable the attendees to be well prepared; to have realistic expectations and to avoid costly mistakes.”

Seating is limited and registration is required.

The First Time Homebuyers’ Seminars are part of LCU’s May is Homebuyers’ Month which includes home-buying tips on facebook, special offers and contests.